NBI Clearance HIT Status: Here in this post, we will show you the reasons behind getting an NBI Clearance HIT. We hope it will very informative for you.

NBI Clearance HIT Status

NBI Clearance HIT Status

NBI Clearance HIT Status shows that either you or your namesake (i.e., a person who gives the same name while you) is linked to documents or report which might have a criminal record.

How does the NBI clearance Hit work

How does the NBI clearance Hit work?

Every time who applies for an NBI clearance Application, an NBI staff picks through their criminal record to decide for practically any criminal record, also called “derogatory records” -associated with the candidate’s name.

An NBI Clearance Hit happens when the search returns a questionable result. At this situation, one can get a HIT but if the criminal case is connected with you or a namesake. The confirmation process is running to take place down the road.

Take note that local cases like ejectments, divorces, and funds claims aren’t covered by the NBI clearance and therefore not included in the records.

The National Bureau Investigation Criminal Database can be a number of criminal offender records obtained from the next:

  • Prosecution Service (City and Provincial Prosecution Offices).
  • Courts (MTC, MTCC, MCTC, and RTC).
  • Police and AFP records.
  • Sandiganbayan and Ombudsman.
  • And Others.

Unwanted to say, it’s impossible for any refugee with pending criminal cases to avoid the watchful eyes of the National Bureau Investigation.

In fact, the ” NBI Clearance Hit” status proceeds to be effective in helping the National Bureau Investigation catch criminals who may have for years been hiding.

Don’t think all NBI Clearance applications with “hit” status get themselves in jail.

To check whether or not the criminal case is under you or your namesake’s, National Bureau Investigation holds the issuance with the clearance.

How does the NBI clearance Hit work

How many days to take NBI clearance when you have NBI Clearance Hit status?

Candidates with an NBI Clearance Hit Status receive 5 to 10 days waiting time when National Bureau Investigation researchers meticulously see if the “derogatory records” are part of you or a namesake.

Once verified the “NBI Clearance Hit“ is the result of the namesake who doubted or committed of a crime, a criminal document can only return to NBI Clearance office as soon as the waiting time and claim the NBI clearance with no extra fee.

If the “derogatory records” have been determined to actually participate in you, the National Bureau Investigation will require one to attend an “NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.”

The purpose of the NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview is always to allow the National Bureau Investigation Agents to feel a closer inspection of your individual identity.

Unless you’re a refugee, you don’t have to be worried especially for those who have been cleared of one’s past illegal cases.

Before you visit the job interview, don’t forget to take the following requirements:

  • You must have 2 valid IDs that prove your citizenship.
  • Original and photocopy with the Court Certification from your Court proving the criminal case has already been fixed.
  • Print-out of NBI Clearance online registration application form and NBI Clearance Official Receipt

After confirming that this case is removed, your National Bureau Investigation clearance hit will be declared for your needs instantly.

That was all about the NBI Clearance HIT Status. We hope it will helpful to you but If you have any question regarding this post, then please feel free to leave a comment down below!