This article all about the Authorization Letter for NBI Clearance, What is an Authorization Letter? and guidelines for an authorized person to be followed before claiming  NBI Clearance. We hope it will helpful to you for apply an NBI Clearance


What is an NBI Clearance Authorization Letter?

You can apply for NBI Clearance with the help of the authorized agent. An authorization letter is dated and signed a letter, giving authorization to another person to perform a specific transaction or task. An authorization letter is commonly used for business purposes.

Using an Authorization Letter you can claim another person’s NBI Clearance. It is an important necessity acted before the NBI Clearance outlet delivers the NBI Clearance to another party who doesn’t own it.

NBI Clearance Authorization Letter must be polite and written in a positive tone. And Please Make sure to declare clearly the purpose of the Authorization letter and the important details such as:

  • Your Name.
  • Name of the Authorized Person.
  • The Date.
  • Some Personal information about yourself and the authorized person (such as Address, Age and Contact Numbers).
  • Your Signatures and the Authorized Person Signatures

There is no official template for the National Bureau Investigation Clearance Authorization Letter. It can be typewritten, handwritten, or Computer printed text.

But for the purpose of professionalism and formality, we advise that the NBI Clearance Authorization Letter should be computer printed.

Guidelines For An Authorized Person To Be Followed Before Claiming  NBI Clearance

➽ NBI Clearance candidate must follow proper dress code. Please Avoid coming to the venue wearing shorts, slippers, and sando.

➽  You must connect one of your NBI Clearance Require Valid ID to your Authorized Person. Photocopies are not taken, so please take the original Valid ID.

➽ An Authorized Person must have his own 1 valid ID. 2 valid ID would be great.  Government Declared ID’s are preferred.

➽ Proceed directly to the NBI Clearance releasing window and give the signed NBI Clearance Authorization Letter, Authorized Person’s ID and your Valid ID.

➽ The NBI Clearance Issuing staff will release your NBI Clearance if not problems found relating to identity.

Guys, please keep in mind that NBI Clearance staff are still cautious in giving out NBI Clearances to avoid future difficulties and complaints. Therefore, you can please make sure to submit the proper NBI Clearance requirements.

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